Direct Drains will install new pipework if the existing pipes are broken beyond repair

We take care of Manhole Chamber Construction, Manhole Cover Installation and Pipe Access Installation.

Most repairs can be be accomplished by drain lining (AKA. No Dig Technology).

Drainage Repairs and Replacements

Our trained technicians can remove and replace any damaged drainage with new pipework. They can also remove and replace drain covers, including manhole covers and rodding eye points.

Should a section of pipework be found damaged beyond repair, our technicians can locate the fault, excavate down onto the pipework and cut away damaged sections. The new installation is then attached onto the existing pipework.

Inspection Chambers

A key area where access may be a problem is the Inspection Chambers (Manholes).

Often, these are covered over or completely sealed down, meaning you can no longer access the drains on your property. Our skilled Technicians can not only locate and expose such hidden chambers, but also excavate and construct entirely new chambers to provide another access point to your drainage system.

Our technicians are also able to carry out a completely new install of pipework to your specifications, connecting entirely new sections of drainage onto an existing system.

Drain Lining (No Dig Technology)

Direct Drains can install structural lining material to re-instate structural integrity when pipework becomes broken or misaligned.

Our main drain lining and patch repair services include:

  • Structural Lining
  • Localised Patch Repairs
  • Water Mains Repairs

Drain Lining Repair

Drain Refurbishment Drain Lining Before and After

Lining Material & Process

Direct Drains' technicians will inspect pipework, to learn about the condition of the system.

We can then clean the pipes with pneumatic tools, install the lining using existing access points and re-inspect to make sure the pipework is successfully lined.

New Drain Connections

If your drainage system is beyond repair or new pipework is required, for example for a new building, our engineers can complete all new drain connections that are necessary.

New Drains Laid

Why Choose Direct Drains?

  • Passionate - We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the South for our drain services by being passionate about our work.
  • Dependable - Whether you're at home or your place of work, you can count on us to arrive on time. Schedule an agreed time and place and we will be there for you.
  • Efficient - We've invested heavily in our drain cleaning services, This enables us to have a larger reach across the South.

Who We Are

Direct Drains is a family business, solving drainage problems for both private and commercial properties.

We cover all aspects of drainage problems and have a 24 hour response unit who are equipped to deal with your problem with the utmost standard of care.

Our policy is to keep our customers well informed of our estimated arrival time, diagnosis of the problem, free quote for the work that is necessary and regular updates of the work as it's carried out, to ensure customer satisfaction.