Damaged drains and sewers can lead to costly damage to your property. An entirely new drainage system can be fitted to eradicate these issues, but you might prefer something a little more cost-effective and less invasive.

We provide an advanced system precisely for this, known as 'No Dig Technology'.

What is ‘No Dig Technology’?

No dig technology or relining is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer.

The process involves installing a lining which bonds to the inside of the pipe. This creates a pipe within a pipe, restoring the integrity of the drain or sewer.

No Dig Technology allows the minimum amount of disruption to the owners of the property and their neighbours.

Drain Relining Diagram

Our systems can be used on pipes of all sizes

Drain relining can be carried out on pipes of any size.

Our No-Dig-Technology works from 100mm diameter pipes right up to 1.5-metre culverts. Often the relining can be in a single length or in some cases a series of shorter, overlapping liners.

For smaller repairs, patch liners can be installed in pipes as small as 60mm diameter, right up to 1.2-metres - the size of the largest packer currently available.

Pioneering projects

Direct Drains has supplied this specialist field of drain relining to a diverse range of projects and clients, including:

  • Major schemes for water utility companies
  • Relining crumbling brick Victorian sewers
  • Strengthening drains
  • renovating drains and sewers running alongside canals or rivers

Equipped with the latest technology and equipment and staffed by an unrivalled team of experts, our specialist drain relining team operates throughout the South of England.

CCTV Drain Survey ResultsRelining Drains Before After

Why Choose Direct Drains?

  • Passionate - We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the South for our drain services by being passionate about our work.
  • Dependable - Whether you're at home or your place of work, you can count on us to arrive on time. Schedule an agreed time and place and we will be there for you.
  • Efficient - We've invested heavily in our drain cleaning services, This enables us to have a larger reach across the South.

Who We Are?

Direct Drains is a family business, solving drainage problems for both private and commercial properties.

We cover all aspects of drainage problems and have a 24 hour response unit who are equipped to deal with your problem with the utmost standard of care.

Our policy is to keep our customers well informed of our estimated arrival time, diagnosis of the problem, free quote for the work that is necessary and regular updates of the work as it's carried out, to ensure customer satisfaction.


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