Hassle-free drainage system inspections

You may be put off from the idea of having your drains inspected, imagining the process will cause mess and disruption to your daily activities. However our engineers can use the latest CCTV camera equipment to inspect pipework with just access to a few inspection covers.

CCTV surveys of drains are the the most up-to-date way to get a good inspection of the pipework beneath your property, without costly, invasive or disruptive excavation.

Drain Pipe Locating & Charting

Building surveyors recognise the true importance of drainage system surveys.

They regularly advise clients buying domestic homes and commercial buildings to ensure that they have a drain survey carried out by a fully certified drainage surveyor.

Party Wall Drain Surveys

If you or your neighbour are considering having an extension or any alterations to your home, you may be advised by your structural engineer to have a party wall survey carried out.

This is to ensure that there are no damages to the drainage pipework between the two properties.

Having a party wall drain survey will confirm the condition of the drainage system before and after building work has been completed. If there is any evidence of defects within the pipe work, a party wall drain survey will confirm this.

Rodent Surveys

Rats and mice can cause blockages within your building's drainage system. Direct Drains can assist you with CCTV survey inspections of drains, pipe cavities, voids and ducts to investigate vermin access points.

We can also locate broken, collapsed or unsealed/open drains and pipes allowing rodent entry and exit points.

We can then advise and implement rodent prevention measures including installation of rat stop valves, sealing of manhole chamber holes and seal redundant connections.

Rodents, Vermin, Rats and Mice

Why Choose Direct Drains?

  • Passionate - We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the South for our drain services by being passionate about our work.
  • Dependable - Whether you're at home or your place of work, you can count on us to arrive on time. Schedule an agreed time and place and we will be there for you.
  • Efficient - We've invested heavily in our drain cleaning services, This enables us to have a larger reach across the South.

Who Are We?

Direct Drains is a family business, solving drainage problems for both private and commercial properties.

We cover all aspects of drainage problems and have a 24 hour response unit who are equipped to deal with your problem with the utmost standard of care.

Our policy is to keep our customers well informed of our estimated arrival time, diagnosis of the problem, free quote for the work that is necessary and regular updates of the work as it's carried out, to ensure customer satisfaction.


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