Our 24hr response team is equipped to deal with your Drain Blockages rapidly & efficiently.

We unblock drains, toilets, sinks, showers, baths and all other drainage systems.

No job too big or small for us to consider - prices start from as little as £35 and there is no call out charge.

we aim to arrive at your property within 2 hours of your call, regardless of the time of day or night.

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Common problems for drainpipes

  • Cracked pipes and holes in pipes that become brittle from corrosion
  • Missing pipe bottoms from heavy, corrosive waste
  • Debris build-up and obstruction causes limited flow and waste back-ups
  • Root intrusion into underground pipe lines causing back-up
  • Non-flushable materials wedged in pipes

Drain Inspection Chamber

Blocked Drain Clearance & Solutions

Blocked sinks

Usually caused by fatty substances (grease, cooking oil and fats) that are washed down the sink and stick to the inside of the pipes. This causes a build up and eventually a blockage.

Solution: Internal sink pipes are usually cleaned by either high pressure water jetting or drain wire.

Blocked showers and baths

Usually caused by a build up of hair, mixed together with shampoo and soap which bind together and create pipe blockages, often at pipe joints.

Solution: Internal bath and shower drainage pipes are usually cleaned by either high pressure water jetting or drain wire.

External outside drain blockages

These can be caused by more than just the usual waste blockages (as mentioned above). Outside drains can easily get blocked up with leaves, tree roots and more.

Solution: Outside drains are unblocked and cleared using rods and high pressure water jetting.

Blocked toilets

Usually caused due to too much toilet paper, sanitary products and even nappies being flushed down the toilet. Sometimes even a toy or a mobile phone can accidently end up being flushed down the toilet causing a toilet blockage. External access to sewer manholes and the main sewer pipes is often required, depending where the drain pipe blockage is located.

Solution: High pressure water jetting and rods are used to unblock external drains.

Manual Rodding

Manual Rodding is an extremely efficient and cost effective way to clear blocked drains and restore to full flow. Yet, it takes moments to set up and is a straight forward, a no nonsense way to clear simple blockages. The specialist rods used by our engineers are designed with different attachments that are used in a variety of different situations dependant on the type of blockage.

High Pressure Jet Cleaning

Direct Drains drain jet cleaning service provides fast and effective cleaning for sewers, drains, pipes, interceptor tanks and grease traps, using high pressure water jetting.

Drain Root Removal

A large amount of damage can be caused to drainage systems by tree roots damaging and causing blockages in the drains.

Direct Drains can remove the roots and determine if they have caused damage to the pipework. If they have, drain lining is likely to be the best solution, in most cases.

High Pressure Jet Cleaning Blocked Drains

Unblocking Roots from Drain Pipes

Why Choose Direct Drains?

  • Passionate - We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the South for our drain services by being passionate about our work.
  • Dependable - Whether you're at home or your place of work, you can count on us to arrive on time. Schedule an agreed time and place and we will be there for you.
  • Efficient - We've invested heavily in our drain cleaning services, This enables us to have a larger reach across the South.

Who We Are?

Direct Drains is a family business, solving drainage problems for both private and commercial properties.

We cover all aspects of drainage problems and have a 24 hour response unit who are equipped to deal with your problem with the utmost standard of care.

Our policy is to keep our customers well informed of our estimated arrival time, diagnosis of the problem, free quote for the work that is necessary and regular updates of the work as it's carried out, to ensure customer satisfaction.


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